Getting started with Webmail/POP3 service

An account with Webmail and POP3 access is a full featured service. It allows you to sent and receive anytime anywhere where you have internet access.

To get a full list of all the advantrages of the WEBmail/POP3 service please visit our features page.

To get you started we recommend you read the following How to Guides.

Logging in to Your Webmail
To login to the Webmail Service,
click this link to take you to the login page. Alternatively, type in

In the loging page as shown in the above screenshot, type in your Login Name and password.
 (Remember to change your password to something memorable soon after receiving the Account Activation details.)

After entering your login name and password, you can either

  • click "enter" immediately and you will be brought to the your Mailboxes using the default skin (Simple is the default skin at the moment) , or
  • choose the Webmail Skin (click here for User Guides to different Webmail Skins) you prefer in the pull down menu and click "select skin". Wait for the message "done.please click enter" and then click "enter" to proceed.

**The minimum Internet browser requirement of the Webmail is Netscape 7.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Mozilla 1.4+.
Our recommendation
is to use the Mozilla Firefox browser suitable for both Webmail skins provided
Get Firefox

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Changing the Password of Your Account
To change the password,
  1. click "Account Service Login" on
  2. and then Login to your own Account with the Login Name (same as your chosen email address, i.e. if your email address is, then your Login Name here is mailME) and Password sent to your contact email address by the Account Activation Department of
  3. Next, under "Password", type in your old password, new password and confirm new password and click the button "Change" to update the password.
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Understanding and Using the Webmail Skins on provides our users with 2 Webmail Skins at the moment with different looks and feel
(more are being developed right now!)

But, Which Webmail Skin should you select?
  • Lookout Skin
    This Webmail Skin has all the features of the service enabled. This skin is recommended for power users only. It is also best that you use broadband internet connection and have IE 6.0 properly configured or you use Mozilla Firefox.
  • Simple Skin
    this Webmail Skin is suitable for most internet browsers, recommended for users having trouble using Lookout due to the browser/proxy/computer settings.

And, How do you change the Webmail Skin?
You can change your Webmail Skin:
After entering your Login name and password, choose the Webmail Skin you prefer in the pull down menu and click "select skin". Wait for the message "done.please click enter" and then click "enter" to proceed.
  • or in the Settings after logging in to your Webmail

    Under the section "General", you can select your prefered Webmail Skin in the Layout pulldown menu and simply click "Save Values" (for Lookout Skin) / "Update" (for Simple Skin).
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Online Tutorials: POP3 Set-Up
For instructions of setting up POP3 to connect to the server, click on the name of the email clients you are going to use:
Get Thunderbird
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Setting for Composing Emails in Chinese

We are currently working on the Chinese Webmail Interface. In the meantime, you can also receive, read and compose emails in Chinese.

If you wish to compose emails in Chinese,  you have to change the Preferred Character Set 
(to either big 5 or simplified) under "General" in your Webmail Settings and click "Save values" (for Lookout Skin) / "Update" (for Simple Skin).

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