Online Tutorial for Set-up of Mozilla Thunderbird

To begin the setup for connecting to your email account via Mozilla Thunderbird, start the program. 
The program will bring you to the Account Wizard. Select the option "Email account" and click "Next".

The Account Wizard will then ask for your name and your email address. Type in the followings and click "Next":
  • the name you wish your email recipients to see in the "From" filed of your outgoing messages and
  • your

Then you will be asked to fill in the Server Information. Select POP as the type of incoming server and enter the following information:
  • Incoming Server: ""
  • Outgoing Server: type in your ISP's SMTP server here (if you are not sure about this information, contact your ISP)
and then click "Next".

It will then ask you for User Names. For both Incoming User Name and Outgoing User Name, type in your registered address and click "Next".

Next, type in your email under Account Name and click "Next".

You should then see information as shown in the screenshot below. The Setup is already finished.

Click "Finish" to save the settings and exit the Account Wizard.

Mozilla Thunderbird will start connecting to the server of Enter your password and you can start receiving and composing emails with your email


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