Introduction to the Webmail Skins

One of the great features of mailME webmail is the ability of providing you different WEB interfaces to match your requirements. There are currently 2 english based skins available. Chinese Big5 skins are currently being developed as well as other skins.

The Simple Skin:
This skin is light and fast, it has a good number of features disabled for simplicity. It is ideal when you are overseas in locations where internet service is slow or has limited bandwidth.

The LookOut Skin: 
it is feature rich and it takes away the feeling that you are using webmail as it responses and looks like MS Outlook. This skin requires more bandwidth and the first time you log on it will take a few seconds as it downloads its javascript libraries. The 2nd time you log on you will be able to do so much faster.

**You will require Mozilla 1.4, Netscape 7.1 or IE 6.0 to test this skin.


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