To begin setting up Outlook Express to connect to your mailME@hk.com account, start the program.
If this is your first time running the program, a setup wizard will show up.

Click on the "Tools" menu and then select "Accounts...", as shown in the screenshot below:

A popup window will appear. Click the "Add" button, and select "Mail..." from the menu displayed, as shown in the screenshot below:

The setup wizard will ask for your "Display Name". When someone receives an email from you, this is the name they will see in the "From" field.

 Enter your name (or perhaps the name of your company) and click "Next".

And then the setup wizard asks for your email address. This is YourName@hk.com email address.

Next, the setup wizard asks for your email server names. There are three boxes.

  • The first is a drop-down box, which should be set to POP3.
  •  Second is your incoming mail server, type in "mail.mailme.hk.com"
  • Third is your outgoing mail server, type in your ISP's SMTP server here. (ask your ISP if you are not sure about the SMTP server)

Enter this information and click "Next".

The next step of the setup wizard asks for your email address and your password. This is your @hk.com email address. Enter this information and click "Next". (Make sure that the account name entered is "Your Name@hk.com" instead of "Your Name" to avoid error connecting to the mailME email server.)

You have completed the setup wizard, but there are still a couple things to set up. Click "Finish".

Congratulations! The Set-up for Outlook Express 5 is finished and you are now ready to begin using your @hk.com email account.

To check your mail, click the button with the envelope and two arrows in your toolbar. A status window will appear so you can watch the software connect and retrieve any messages you have.


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