Presently has some filtering  systems which block a portion of spam but the full spam handling systems will not be ready for another few months as they are currently under development. We have several systems to build and they are going to take months to develop.

The Anti-spam tools will be free of charge for all users.

What  should you do until then?

Careful usage of your email address

Your online behaviour will determine how much spam you will get. If y you enter

Until HK.COM has all its anti-spam features enabled you recommended that:
You do not post any messages to any mailing list or forum where your email address is visible.
You do not enter your emai address on any forum where they display email addresses.

After we complete our systems we will give you the tools to shield yourself from spammers and companies that do not respect your privacy.

What you can do NOW...
We use Mozilla Thunderbird to read all our email. I has a great Anti-spam learning engine that you train. We find it to be one of the most intelligent engines out there and we highly recommend its usage.

If you are currently using Outlook/Eudora/Netscape you will be able to import all your mailboxes and e-mail address to it.

You can get Thunderbird by clicking this icon.

Get Thunderbird


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