Anti-SPAM information for Mail administrators

This page is for other email administrators or people wanting to report SPAM or identify SPAM that originates from our network.

If your are a user, please click here for information on how to protect your mail box from spam.

How to report spam to us.

Please! Please! Please! read our guide to identify if spam originates from us. Many people report spam coming from addresses which are similar to ours. Reporting spam that does not originate from our network does not help to reduce the spam prooblem. We will not be able to take action over the person sending the spam even if their address is similar to ours.


Identifying Origins of SPAM

Many people report SPAM to US which does not originate from our servers, nor from our users nor have an address.

Before reporting spam, please be sure that the spam does not originate from us:

SPAM not originating from us:
Email address like
Mail server
Sample SMTP header

To trace such users visit whois on

Sample SMTP header

To trace such users visit whois on
Sample SMTP header

To trace such users visit whois on

SPAM that could originate from us

Spam that is likely to originate from our users.

email address like Mail originates from our mail relays
Sample SMTP headers

See below how to report.

Other cases.
Or you have an spam message originating from another address such as a yahoo account but the user would like you to send or enquiry or order to an

If you have read and have clearly qualified that the spam comes from our network, please, email (Graphic)

You have been blocked to send email to

If we have blocked you, your isp, your domain, your IP addres
could just time out and you would not get a notification until your ISPs mail server informs you that after 4 hours it failed to deliver the email addressed to

Error you get an error from our servers:
"554 Please use your ISPs SMTP server to deliver to, your IP address is a source of spam"

This means that on average we get more too many SPAM messages per day from your IP. We will remove this type of block if you provide us a full explanation why we have seen so much spam from you and  IF have not seen spam from you for a good amount of time.

"554 Please use your ISPs SMTP server to deliver to, your IP address is not authorised"
This message means that you are on and ISP dial up or broadband pool which allows to send spam from their network with no control. It is also likely that you are running your own smtp server on a dynamic IP.  Trying to use a dynamic IP for delivering email is not advisable as many ISPs block them. We suggest that you set your mail server to relay (SmartHost) through your ISPs SMTP server.

This type of block will not be removed unless you provide proof that the IP address you are using is not part of a dynamically allocated IP address pool.

Can I block email from addresses that does not originate from your network to reduce spam?

The answer is NO. service does not permit its users to use our servers to relay through us. They will use their own ISPs mail relays so the sources could and will be any on the internet.

Email originating from our webmail users will originate from and

Note that we support the spf. Its use is recommended.