POP 3 Set-Up: EUDORA 5.1

To begin setting up Eudora to connect to your email address @hk.com, start the program. Click "Tools" and select "Options".

A Pop up window will then appear. Fill in the following information under the category "Getting Started":
  •  Real name: the Name that will be shown in the "From" field of all your outgoing emails
  •  Return address: Mail Server (Incoming): mail.mailme.hk.com
  •  Login Name: it must be "YourAddress@hk.com" instead of  "YourAddress"
  •  SMTP Server (Outgoing): type in you ISP's SMTP server here (ask your ISP if you are not sure about the SMTP server)
  •  make sure the option "Allow authentication" is checked

Under the category "Checking Mail",  change the option "Secure Sockets when Receiving" to "Never".
Other necessary fields should already be filled in.

Next, under the category "Incoming Mail", the following options are to be changed:
  • The "Server configuration" must be POP
  • The "Authentication Style" should be APOP

Congratulations, the basic set-up for Eudora is finished and you can start checking your emails @hk.com by clicking the "Check Mail" icon.


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