Why mailMe@hk.com?

mailMe@hk.com is an email service designed for Speed, Privacy, Convenience, and Security.

mailMe@hk.com is feature rich and offers the Flexibility to adjust to your own requirements.

Your own address.
YourChoice@hk.com is a real identity and does not use a domain that advertises the name of a corporation or a famous Internet company. Your HK.COM address identifies who you are and that Hong Kong is your home!
A valuable address.
Are you tired of wasting your time and the time of others with a long or unpronounceable email address? If your answer is YES, then, HK.COM is the right choice for you.

You can have a short address and show your pride in Hong Kong at the same time. There are also loads of email address choices available at mailME@hk.com.

No deletions.
Your emails will not be deleted by HK.com: Some free mail service providers delete the emails of their users.
HK.com guarantees that we will not delete your emails. We also make timely backups of your email.

Spam blocking and anti-virus service
This service is available at no additional cost, coming soon. In the mean time, learn about the FREE alternatives that we recommend to resolve your spam problems.

Our Service is purposefully designed for privacy and not to be intrusive.

No newsletters.
No newsletter will be sent to you so that you don't even have to spend time deleting them or waste your time downloading them.

No pop-up adverts.

No targeted text banners based on the contents of your mail box.
We don't profile you. We don't scan your mail messages to deliver text adverts in your webmail. We respect your privacy.

No untargeted banners or flash adverts
that waste time downloading or slow the speed of displaying emails.

No renting of your email address or any other personal information to third parties.
We do not require much information about you when you sign up as we are not interested in selling it.

No signature of HK.COM or other promotional taglines of 3rd parties
are attached at the end the emails you sent: Your emails recipients will not see any sort of advertisement in your emails.

No adverts of other companies on the login page

No browser redirection
You will not be brought to a portal after logout.

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