What is a mailME@hk.com Webmail & POP3 Service (Premium Package)?

A mailME@HK.COM Webmail & POP3 Service is a Full featured Package including Webmail and POP3 Access

  • Webmail: You can check your emails using Internet Browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) anywhere you want.
  • POP3 Access: You can download all the emails to your own email client (e.g. Outlook Express,Thunderbird, etc.) with no extra charges.
  • 150 MB Streamline™ Mailbox Storage: Streamline™ is the latest technology developed to maintain the speed, security and reliability of the files stored online in your mailbox. Your emails or files stored online can be accessed within seconds and you will not lose your files or emails.
  • 2 Webmail Skins for you to choose from which are designed for HK people based on our compay's 6 years experience on providing email Services to some major companies in the Busness Sector in HK. It is User-Friendly, Fast, Reliable and Efficient.
  • Our Webmail Skins are features-packed: You can do a lot more with our Webmail Skins than with any other Email Service Provider such as Gmail or Hotmail.

For Example:

- You can edit your emails with HTML codes like you do using Outlook Express
- You could attach 10 Word Documents in one go
- You could sort your emails or do a keyword search for a specific email
- You can store and share files online

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The advantages of this service are:

  1. You get a great email address@hk.com
  2. You can check your emails anytime, anywhere, anyhow via Internet
  3. POP3 Access: You can download your emails with your Outlook/Eudora/Thunderbird. (Click Get Thunderbird to download)
  4. You can use the best Webmail Skins@HK.COM with features similar to Outlook.
  5. Our Email Service saves you time: As our Company and email Server is located in HK, you can login to the Webmail and download your emails quickly
  6. Customer Service: as a HK-based company understanding the needs of HK people, we guarantee the quickest response to your enquiries and technical questions within 1 working days.

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