What is a mailME@hk.com Forwarding address?

A mailME@hk.com forwarding address allows you to have your own email address @HK.COM that will automatically forward e-mails to your existing ISP or work email address. The emails will not be stored on the mailME servers, they will be stored on whatever address you have specified.

During registration you specify where you would like the email sent to your @hk.com address to be forwarded to. Whenever anyone sends an email to your @hk.com address, it will automatically be sent to the current email address you specified.


The advantages of this service are:

  1. It has a lower cost than the premium service and you still get a great address.
  2. This address is portable, as you change job or ISP all that you have to do is update where your mailME@hk.com address forwards email to.
  3. You can use it with your Outlook/Eudora/Thunderbird. (Click Get Thunderbird to download)
  4. You don't have to check YET ANOTHER mail box. Your email will be forwarded to your existing mail box and so you will only have to check 1 mail box that receives email for 2 addresses (1: your mailME@hk.com address, 2:your current address)
  5. You can send and receive email attachment of size up to 30MB

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