Are you interested in Selling the Service?

HKdotCOM is currently developing tools for resellers to be able to sell the service.
At present we do not have any resellers.

Our plans are to work with individuals and corporations to sell our email services which a series of online/offline tools.

Invidual Resellers
We are seeking to work witht individuals who:
  • have a web site 
  • would like to refer your friends to us

Please join the mailME announcement list.
As soon as we are ready we will post messages on the list letting you know that we have updated this page.

Corporate Resellers

We are seeking to work with companies that can:
  • sell our mailMe service to their customers
  • bundle our service with their products or service.
Spam/Virus Filtering Service
If you are interested in providing  us spam/virus filtering service, please note that we do NOT require such a service as we are developing our own.


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