Features of Webmail & pop3 service* (premium)

*What is the Webmail & pop3 service?

Features of Forwarding address service (basic)

Features of Webmail & POP3 Service

  • Introduction
    You can check your emails anytime, anywhere, anyhow. You can check your emails when you are at home, office, at a cafe or enjoying your holiday, using either your own desktop computer or laptop or public computer.


  • 100% Ad-FREE Webmail interface

    - Reality Check: "free" email service providers, such as Gmail, etc., scan your email content, target you for all kinds of adverts, and they send you unwanted newsletters. Not only do you have to spend time deleting newsletters, but these webmail servers are set up to download all types of adverts before displaying your emails.

    - With mailME@HK.com: You will not see any kinds of adverts in your mailbox. No Ad-Banners, No Text or Graphic Adverts, No Newsletters, No Pop-up Adverts, and No Advert-Signature attached to the end of your emails sent.

  • Multiple Webmail interface skins

    - Reality Check: the majority of email service users are not satisfied with the' layout' of their webmail complaining the styles, colours, difficulties to understand how to use the Webmail Interface and etc. It is because most email service providers are reluctant to invest on a user-friendly Webmail Interface with style.

    - With mailME@HK.com: You get multiple unique and user-friendly interface skins and even more skins, in English and Chinese, will be added soon. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, we have a skin that suits your needs and preferences. Learn More about Webmail skins.

  • Workgroup Tools for the Webmail interface
    Calendar, Notes, Events and Tasks helping you to manage and reminding you of different schedules, meetings and jobs to be done.

  • HTML editor for composing emails
    Easy to use HTML editor like any of the email programs instead of typing the HTML codes yourself.

  • Full text searching
    including the message body: Now you can be find the email message you need fast. You can view your mailbox based on your search criteria and can forward, delete, redirect, etc. in one go.

  • Emails Sorting
    by Subject, Date, Sender, Size, Priority, etc: You can find the emails you need at ease.

  • Notification of Delivery and Read of your emails sent
    You don't have to worry about your important email messages undelivered or unread.

  •  External POP
    allows you to have the HK.COM server download your email from other email accounts via POP3 so that you can have one single place where to check your email.

  • Attaching files in one go
    when composing emails: No uploading of attachment is needed before you actually send the email. Time Saving!

  • Email processing rules.
    For the power user you can create rules to process your email such as. Any email that is greater than 15MB reply with a "Thank you" and then store in the "Large attachment folders"

  • POP3 access
    You can use email programs like Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird etc. Click here to see how to use this feature.

  • Email Forwarding
    You can forward a copy of all the emails you get on mailME@hk.com to another mailbox. .

  • Auto responder / vacation notification
    You can easily set up an auto-response message to be sent out when you are not available to check emails for period of time.

  • Spam blocking and anti-virus service
    The Spam Filter is already running on mailME's server. This is a Free value-added service for our customers. We are also developing our own anti-virus service right now. Click here to find out more about how you can prevent getting spams and viruses.

  • Up to 2000MB(2GB) Streamline™ Mailbox Storage
    You can choose different packages (from 150MB to 2 GB) according to your need. Our Streamline Storage is real, fast and stable. We have 24/7 maintenance and we give you that storage plus an extra 3% of storage to aloow for slight overages.


  • Sending and receiving email attachment of size up to 30MB

    - Reality Check: Most email service providers do not allow the sending and/or receiving of email attachments larger than 10MB, even when the Mailbox Storage is up to 1or 2GB.

    - With mailME@HK.com: You can send and receive email attachments of size up to 30MB. You are guaranteed to be able to send MP3's, personal photos or any kinds of files you want!

  • Online file storage 
    Using the Notepad through the webmail interface, you can write documents online or store files such as pictures, your resume, programs, or what ever file you need to access online.

  • Share files online
    Your friends can download your files saved in the mailME server directly without having to give them your password. IN those cases when your friends can't receive large attachments you can let them access an attachment in your mailbox without them needing your password.



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