Webmail Skin Demos

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You can test the webmail service we provide now by logging on one of the 2 demo accounts we provide. Each account allows you to test the two different skins currently available. More skins, including Chinese skins will soon be available.

The following features are at present disabled
  • Sending email (so that spammers don't use our acccounts to send junk)
  • Downloading email via POP3.

Your IP will be logged -- please be respectful to other users checking out the demo and use the service responsibly.

The Simple Skin
This skin is light and fast, it has a good number of features disabled for simplicity. It is ideal when you are overseas in locations where internet service is slow or has limited bandwidth.

Login: demo_simple

Login here

The LookOut Skin

it is feature rich and it takes away the feeling that you are using webmail as it responds and looks like MS Outlook. This skin requires more bandwidth and the first time you log on it will take a few seconds as it downloads its javascript libraries. The 2nd time you log on you will be able to do so, much faster.

Login: demo_lookout

Login here

**You will require Mozilla 1.4, Netscape 7.1 or IE 6.0 to test this skin.


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