Designed by HK people for HK people.

U.S. based email service providers do not address the fact that HK people use websites differently than people on other parts of the world. In HK, no one has time to spare, and our service is designed to be fast and simple to use. We don't have time to waste.

The address

- is NOT an advertisement but your identity, and the city you are from - HK.
- It's available. Getting service is unlikely, on it is available!
- The shortest and best address for HK people.

You can't waste time:

- easy to tell people your address quickly
- easy to remember
- Very fast login process
- Servers located in Hong Kong so that they are faster.
- No waiting for ad banners or flash adverts
- No spending time on deleting newsletters or having signature adverts attached to your emails.
- When you need help you don't have to wait 1 or 2 days to get a response is a quality service with customer care.

- is run in HK. We have fast customer service here in HK , take care of our customers.
- We respond to your technical support questions.
- We make sure your emails are not lost or deleted.
- We make sure your account is not deleted
- We provide several methods for you to recover your password.

Storage is not everything
An email service should be judged by :

- reliability
- speed
- efficiency
- features

A big mail box is not everything. Storage is just one of the features but we still plan to increase our storage capacity to surpass the competition.


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